Our Authorised Retailers

Fake contact lenses are poison to your precious eyes and will lead to temporary and permanent damage. Please only buy Bella contact lenses from our website or from our list of Authorized​ Retailers. (Keep a look out for this list as it will be constantly updated).

If you come across any fake products from any of the below shops, contact us immediately and we will take the necessary action.(Make sure to find the above certificate)

Please find below our list of Authorized Retailers to get genuine products of Bella

Sn Name of the Shops Location
1 Shaham Opticals Ibra
2 Bright Opticians Ruwi High Street, Al Hashar Building Next to Bank Dhofar
3 Geel 2000 Optical  Barka
4 Nawras Opticals  Qurum
5 Safa Optical Al Muladha
6 Safa Optical Barka
7 Marwa Optical Barka
8 Optical World Fanja-bidbid
9 Optical World Mall Of Muscat-Mabella
10 Optical World Nesto Mabella
11 Optical World  Al araimi boulevard Seeb-Alkhoud
12 Gulf Optical Center LLC CBD Area - Ruwi
13 Gulf Optical Center LLC REX Roud - Ruwi
14 Gulf Optical Center LLC Salalah
15 IRIS Optics Lulu bander
16 IRIS Optics Seeb City Center 
17 IRIS Optics Boulevard - Mabella
18 IRIS Optics Sohar
19 Milano Optics AlQurum
20 Milano Optics Laha Mall
21 Mumtaz Opticals Near AlMeera hyper market- Azaiba
22 Modern opticals Behind old Ruwi police station - Ruwi
23 Tabark Optics Azaiba Mall - Next to Almeera hyper market
24 Ibsar Panorama Mall
25 Ibsar Al Khoud
26 Ibsar Al Hail
27 Ibsar Al Mawaleeh
28 Ibsar Mabella
29 Al Yaqeen Optical Al Khoud
30 Al Amal Opticals North Al Hail
31 Al Amal Opticals Al Khoud
32 Shami Optical  Grand Mall
33 Shami Optical  Panorama Mall
34 Shami Optical  Avenues Mall
35 Shami Optical  Al Khoud whole Sale Center
36 Shami Optical  Sohar Safeer Mall
37 Shami Optical  Sohar City Center
38 Shami Optical  Barka Grand Mall
39 Shami Optical  Nizwa Grand Mall
40 Optical Palace Al Seeb
41 Moon Optical Al Khoud
42 Moon Optical Mabella- Souq bin Rashid
43 Moon Optical Mabella - Souq Harami
44 Sun Optical Mabella- Souq bin Rashid
45 Sun Optical Mabella - Souq Harami
46 Sun Optical Al Khoud
47 Al Zahra Optical Al Ansab
48 Season Optics Lulu Bushar
49 Season Optics Lulu Darsait
50 Paris Optics Oasis mall
51 Paris Optics Al araimi mall
52 Paris Optics Avenues Mall
53 Paris Optics Grand Mall
54 Yateem Optician Al araimi Complex - Qurum
55 Yateem Optician Grand Mall
56 Yateem Optician Avenues Mall
57 Yateem Optician Seeb City Center 
58 Yateem Optician Carfour - Barka
59 Platinum Optics Mabella
60 Al Adham Optics Al feer - Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
61 Seena Optics Al Khoud
62 Optic Center Al Khoud
63 Optic Center Sinaw
64 Dubai Optical  Muscat City Center
65 Dubai Optical  Sohar City Center
66 Dubai Optical  Mall Of Muscat-Mabella
67 Naeem Optical  Sur
68 Naeem Optical  Jalan
69 Arabian Opticals Al Khoud
70 Arabian Opticals Mabella
71 Arabian Opticals Ghubrah
72 Arabian Opticals Ibra
73 Today's Optics Al Khuwair


Al Essa Optics LLC



City Opticals LLC