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Dangers of wearing Fake Contact lenses

What are the risks involved in using fake contact lenses?

Every brand, be it Adidas, Gucci, Louis Vitton have a fake counterpart that looks the same and is found plenty in the market. The same goes for branded lenses like Bella Contact lenses, Acuvue, J&J etc. However, fake clothes/bags/accessories are for external application and may not cause any harm (other than your friends finding out that the product is fake, which can be very embarrassing.) Fake contact lenses on the other hand, are extremely dangerous since it is being placed inside the eyes, which is the most sensitive organ of the human body.

It may be appealing to wear unfamiliar contact lenses to match with your outfit or to use a unique colour for a distinct style impression, however before you make a decision; you should have an idea about what you're buying. Normally these so-called style contact lenses or clearly fake contact lenses that are of extremely low quality and can cause permanent damage to the eyes over time. Let’s find out more about the risks involved in using fake contact lenses.

Use Contact Lenses with Prescription Only

Regardless of whether you don't have a requirement for vision adjustments by any means, you still need to have a prescription to get some kind of fake contact lenses. Due to the reason that eyes aren't just one sized - both the real size and the shape of everybody's eyes can vary from person to person, causing your contact lens to not fitting properly.

If you buy contact lenses without a prescription, there's a great possibility that they won't fit accurately. This causes uneasiness and disturbance, yet it can really start to make some scratches to your eye’s surface, and may lead to a serious eye infection or even can damage your eyesight in the event that it gets terrible enough.

Wrong usage of contact lenses

Some of the risk involved while using Fake contact lenses are not only because you use a fake contact lens, but based on how you use it. Because proper usage, that is wearing and removing contact lens is very important.  At the point when you visit your eye specialist for a contact lens assessment, you don't simply get a prescription. All new contact lens wearers will get a complete guideline on how to use contact lens properly. This guarantees you don't tear your contact lens or scratch your eye while wearing or removing it. Fake contact lenses will not protect your eyes and can tear and get damaged very quickly.

Less care and exercise with your Contact Lenses

In case you're wearing fake contact lens just for one night, there's a great possibility that you're not worried about taking much care of them, as you will not use it for much longer period.

Suppose you drop your fake contact lenses before placing them in your eyes – it will be very difficult to sterilise a fake lens due to its low quality. Furthermore, when placing them in, you will feel like rubbing your eyes and cause scratches to your cornea, which is the most delicate part of the eyes.

Sadly, a lot of people who wear fake contact lenses don't have the correct attitude around health and safety as they should and are just concerned about the price of the contact lens.


We offer contact lenses that guarantees your health and safety

Any contact lens that you buy with a prescription has been examined and accepted by the FDA, and is legally approved for sale. Many fake contact lenses are sold at shopping malls or from online stores, which don’t have to go through such procedures and that will cause high risk. You have no clue about what sort of material they are made out of or how safe they could be while using it.

The safety of your eyes simply does not justify taking the risk on unestablished items that can cause serious harm.

Your safety is our fundamental concern and being the authorised dealers of Bella Contact lenses in Oman, we have the confidence that they are original and are directly from the direct manufacturer.

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