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12 Tips for First Time Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lenses Care Tips

For enjoying contact lenses in a safe and hassle-free way, you need to take good care of them and keep them clean and hygienic at all times.

A few important tips for Contact Lens Wearers are:

  1. Wash your contacts with the prescribed contact lens solution (not saliva or water) after every use
  2. Do not rub, touch or scratch your eyes wearing contact lenses
  3. Replace your contact lens case at least every 3 months
  4. Get regular eye checkups at your doctor
  5. Do not sleep with your contact lenses
  6. Do not wear your contact lenses for longer than the prescribed hours for the particular lens as advised by your optician
  7. Do not swim or bathe or come in contact with water wearing contact lenses
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses
  9. Do not use eye drops wearing contact lenses
  10. Be extremely careful with eye make-up wearing contact lenses
  11. If you have stored the lenses for a few days, check the instructions of the particular lens, whether you need to re-disinfect before use
  12. Do not use contact lenses that have been stored for more than 25-30 days without re-disinfecting

Incorporate these basic tips in your Bella contact lens routine today!

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