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Top 5 Bella Contact Lenses in Oman

  1. Bella Elite Wild Honey Contact Lens 

Bella Contact Lenses Elite Wild Honey

Exchanging up your look has never been less complex than with Bella Elite, and their latest shade called Wild Honey is the perfect choice for people with any standard eye concealing. Planned to be worn for up to one month, these contact lens points will convey a fragile sparkle to your face. As they don’t incorporate an indisputable limbal ring, Wild Honey is one of the more characteristic styles accessible. Pair them with impartial beauty care products to cause them to see your eyes or use more sweltering tones to improve their exciting interest. Just experience one day with these hued contacts and they’ll quickly become your new top decision.

Bella Wild Honey-Colored Contact lenses can be considered as one of the best Bella Contact Lenses in Oman.


  1. Bella Elite Sandy Brown Contact Lens

Bella Color Contact Lenses Elite Sandy Brown

From an evening to remember to your new day by day look, Sandy Brown lenses from Bella Elite assortment look delightful on everybody. An unpretentious blend of brown colored and gold feature and improve any characteristic eye shading, and a characteristic limbal ring gives a demeanor of youth and class. Attempt Sandy Brown when you’re needing a hued contact lens update!

Bella Sandy Brown Color Contact lenses are among the most well-known shading Contact Lenses in Oman, which one can buy online.

  1. Bella Elite Silky Green Contact Lens

Bella Color Contact Lenses Elite Silky Green

    Individuals who care about their style routinely value having various courses of action of Colored Contact Lenses to switch up their gander at whatever point they please. In case that is the situation, you have to add Silky Green to your lineup. Some bit of Bella Elite assortment, it solidifies splendid yellow and sensitive green for a beautiful look day or night.

    1. Bella Elite Silky Gold Contact Lens

    Bella Color Contact Lenses Elite Silky Gold

    Known for an unobtrusive and characteristic look, Silky Gold originates from the Elite assortment by Bella and lets wearers play with their style anytime. Traces of gold and green make a gleaming and new appearance, while a light limbal ring makes the dream of profundity and energy. Perfect for almost any appearance, Silky Gold offers a dazzling explanation look that’s simple to wear. Lighter shaded eyes will see the most change with this lens, in spite of the fact that it’s reasonable for any individual who needs to give it a shot!

    1. Bella Elite Sandy Grey Contact Lens

    Bella Color Contact Lenses Sandy Grey

    Once in a while would you be able to discover a lens shading that is perfect for people with any composition out there, yet Sandy Grey possesses all the necessary qualities. Mixing warm browns with a rich grey brings about a look that is incredibly characteristic and energetic. With a profundity that’s unequaled by some other shaded contact available, you'll begin to look all starry eyed at Sandy Grey.


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